Dept. of Agricultural Sciences DipSA (IT). – Alma Mater Studiorum -University of Bologna

The Department of Agricultural Sciences (DipSA)of the University of Bologna, provides state wide leadership in research, teaching and extension in horticulture, crop production, sustainable agricultural systems and environment and applied plant ecology. DipSA has a world leading experience in the area of urban farming in Europe and in developing countries.


Funded in 2006, HORTICITY aims at putting together different and qualified expertises in order to provide products and services for preservation and valorisation of the horticultural production, adopting a multidisciplinary approach and orienting efforts to the improvement of food security.

Mammut Film (IT)

Mammut Film is a production company that has been working in the film making business for more than ten years. It produces documentaries, video and organizes events and dissemination campaigns.


STePS pioneers approaches to formal and non-formal learning to enable personal growth as well as inclusive and sustainable change in organisations and territories.

Agreenium (Consortium National pour l'agriculture, l'alimentation, la Sante Animal et l’Environnement) - (FR)

Agreenium, a consortium of research and higher education bodies, has the aim of facilitating access to research and higher education facilities in France. Its purpose is to promote the role of agronomic and veterinary research to meet the challenges of food security and sustainable development.


Located in the Pays de la Loire, VEGEPOLYS has been recognised in France as the international plant cluster. The cluster brings together companies involved directly and indirectly in plant growing with trade associations, unions, and development bodies as well as local chambers of trade and commerce.

RUAF (Stichting International Network of Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security) (NL)

The RUAF Foundation is an international network and leading centre of expertise in the field of (intra- and peri-) Urban Agriculture and City Region Food Systems. RUAF seeks to contribute to the development of sustainable cities by facilitating awareness raising, knowledge generation and dissemination, capacity development, policy design and action planning for resilient and equitable urban food systems.

SWUAS - Fachhochschule Südwestfalen (DE)

South-Westphalia University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Südwestfalen) educates more than 12,000 students. More than 50 bachelor and master courses mainly in engineering sciences, electrical and information technologies, economics and agronomy are offered under SWUAS umbrella in five cities within the region. The Department of Agriculture is situated in Soest.

hei-tro GmbH (DE)

hei-tro GmbH is a german enterprise founded 1984 in Dortmund and for decades working on commercial real-estate project development. Since 2013 the company is focused on producing and improving new aquaponic systems and products. The company also offers services in project management and monitoring of aquaponic-systems. Another future aim of their business is to develop commercial prototype-systems for science needs and researches.

Grow the Planet S.r.l. (IT)

Grow The Planet is a social network dedicated to anyone who loves good healthy food, anyone who has a vegetable garden or simply wants to learn, in a simply fun way, how to grow some of their own food.