Project News

Nineth Newsletter

Urban Green Train has pulled into the station! At the end of August, the Urban Green Train Project Is going on vacation. Since its inception in 2014, it’s come a very long way. Here’s what we’ve been up to. Our Goodbye – Urban Green Train's final video

Urban Green Train Final Conference in Paris

10-11 July 2017 - Urban Green Train Final Conference in Paris, France: Entrepreneurship and urban agriculture : what skills to succeed? Venue: AgroParisTech, 19 avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris (Close to Montparnasse rail station)

Seventh Newsletter

1) URBAN GREEN TRAIN: Cells of Innovation in urban agriculture for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 2) Presentation in Almere of the First Successes of the Urban Green Train 3) Two Stops on the Urban Green Train in Germany Last May

Sixth Newsletter

1) The Garden of the Future Exists! It is located in Angers, France, and is a virtuous example of Urban Agriculture. 2) Urban Green Train Student Interview. Having finished the second part of the Urban Green Train course, the students attended classroom lectures. 3) How Sustainable is Urban Agriculture? SustUrbanFoods Will Tell Us . A new international project will study the overall sustainability of Urban. Agriculture initiatives for the first time.

Save the date Thursday 30 March 2017 14.00-17.30 hrs

Education for Urban Agriculture and Urban Green Entrepreneurship Organised by the RUAF Foundation and Aeres University of Applied Sciences in the framework of the European Erasmus+ project "Urban Green Education for Enterprising Agricultural Innovation" (URBAN GREEN TRAIN).

Fifth newsletter November 2016

1) The Urban Green Train pilot course has begun - 120 students from all over the world have come together online to learn about and discuss Urban Agriculture - 2) Urban Green Train arrives at the ISHS - A place where the (strictly biodynamic) vegetable garden becomes a school to teach and the school creates marketing - 3) Eta Beta, when urban agriculture is multi-functional - The Bologna case study: social inclusion, eco-sustainability, landscape redevelopment, and synergistic harvesting

Fourth Newsletter June 2016

1) Enrollment is now open for the Urban Green Train pilot course! 2) Werkhof, the urban farm in Dortmund where salad grows rich in meaning 3) Urban Agriculture Europe, the book on urban agriculture in Europe 4) Ideas and Recommendations for new entrants into farming - in Urban Agriculture as well!

Third Newsletter March 2016

1) Colloque Agriculture Urbaine, where urban agriculture is opened to other sectors ; 2) RotterZwam: food for the city grows from city waste; 3) Do you want a career in urban agriculture? Here are the skills that you must have

Second Newsletter February 2016

1) Want to become an Urban Agriculture expert? Start here!. Discover the UA Educational offer section of Urban Green Train. 2) Do you want to work in Urban Agriculture? In summer 2016, the first Urban Green Train course will be launched to train Urban Agriculture professionals. 3) The dialogue between Urban Planning and Urban Agriculture is beginning in Dortmund. Urban Gardening? An important part of city planning and food for the future

First Intellectual Output

This publication illustrates the results of the survey undertaken by URBAN GREEN TRAIN project partners in order to identify new entrepreneurial models, training opportunities and challenges, as to update the state of art of both urban agriculture (UA) entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education.

First Newsletter November 2015

1 The Urban Green Train Project: Who we are and what we do 2 International Conference "Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society”: Huge success for the meeting held in Rome last September 3 Urban Agriculture? Here are the business models used in Europe Urban Green Train's prize-winning study at the international “Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society” conference


Bernd Pölling won the first price for the best scientific contribution based on UGT / COST UAE-work on the current conference "Agricultural in an urbanizing society“ organized by FAO in Rome


URBAN GREEN TRAIN has started in Autumn 2014